The Armorial of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia


he Royal College of Arms starts creating a Armorial of Knights and Dames who belong to the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which we plan to later publish in a single volume which will enjoy considerable historical importance. This will be the first time that all those honoured by the Royal House of Georgia shall be included in such a publication, a Royal House that is one of the most ancient and glorious in the world. This monumental work shall be undertaken by three heraldic officers of great academic prestige, all three Knights of the Order, who have demonstrated their expertise in other publications of similar high standing. Knights and Dames of the Order who qualify to be included in this "Armorial" shall be required to pay €200, which entitles each Knight or Dame to a personalised and individual insertion in the publication. The Royal College of Arms is therefore encouraging all those Knights and Dame who are interested in acquiring the "Armorial" to put forward their arms and relative personal information. This will make this great work an obligatory heraldic reference of our time.
The Royal House oversee the curriculum of the Knights and sent modify creating more convenient for everyone's benefit.
In this, Armorial, appear only titles of the Royal House of Georgia, Spain and Noble Knights whose title is recognized by the Head of the Royal House of Georgia.